Tips For Incorporating Artwork Into Your Home

Tips For Incorporating Artwork Into Your Home

A great way to add personality to your home and show off your artistic side is by hanging artwork that has meaning to you. Whether you choose to include original canvas paintings, reproductions or prints, photos or kids’ masterpieces, we have some helpful tips that will make arranging and hanging fun and rewarding.

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Size and Color

When considering size, the art should be large enough to fill the space where it is hanging, but not overwhelm the space. Colors don’t have to match the room perfectly, but should be compatible.

Artwork Williams SonomaPhoto Source: William Sonoma

This artwork picks up on the blue accented wall color in the room. The size allows for enough “breathing room” on either side of the painting so that it almost becomes framed by the blue wall.

Keep it Simple

Artwork Pottery Barn  Photo Source: Pottery Barn

The easiest solution when grouping photos is to use uniform color such as white mats and compatible colors and materials for frames.

Dining Room Table and New LIght Fixture AfterPhoto Source: PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating

When you have a large blank wall, adding 3 simple paintings that are part of a series is a perfect way to add some additional color and depth.


1. Over the Sofa:

Artwork Elle DecorPhoto Source: Elle Decor

For a sofa measuring 84 inches and a ceiling height of 9 feet, we recommend a single size work of art of approximately 48 inches wide x 36 inches high.

Artwork 2 Williams Sonoma

Photo Source: William Sonoma

Another good option is using two smaller paintings as pictured above.

2. Over the Mantle or on a Wall Shelf:

Artwork HGTVPhoto Source:

A group leaning against the wall is a perfect place to layer art and accessories. Varying sizes is an ideal way to add interest.

Artwork HGTV 2Photo Source:

For a single piece centered over the mantle – split the distance between the ceiling and the mantle for 8′ or 9′ ceilings (depending on height of piece).

Hang at Eye Level

Artwork Apartment TherapyArtwork HGTV 3Photo Source: and

A good rule of thumb is to measure 58 inches to the center of the piece while taking into
account furniture height, mantle height etc.