Antiquing at the Brimfield Show and Market

Antiquing at the Brimfield Show and Market

Antiquing season continues next week with the Brimfield Antiques Show . Enjoy the day rain or shine and find amazing treasures with these tips.

The summer is one of my most favorite months to shop for treasures at one of the largest outdoor antique shows in the country right in our own backyard. The Brimfield Antique Show, July 8 – 13 in Brimfield, MA offers the most amazing treasures — from one-of-a kind antiques to fantastic reproductions. There is something for everyone whether you like antiques or not. One year I took a client shopping for an art deco mirror to hang over her dresser in her bedroom. Not only did we find the perfect mirror, but at an incredible price. I have found wonderful botanical prints, rugs, furniture, garden statues, books, jewelry and more at Brimfield. I often caravan with friends and clients as it is so much fun to share the experience.

If you go, here are some things to consider:

  • Dress Comfortably and For The Weather. That means good walking shoes or rubber boots (sometimes there is mud), a hat, and if it is sunny, don’t forget the sunscreen. I’ve been to Brimfield in the pouring rain and because I was prepared, had a great time!
  • Drive the Van. If you have a large car, bring it. Or be prepared to strap things to the roof. You never know what you’ll find.
  • Bring Cash. Cash is always the best negotiator although most dealers take credit cards.
  • Negotiate. Dealers expect people to negotiate. usually 10-15% is often a fair discount. Don’t forget these folks are there to make money too.
  • If You Love It Buy It. There have been a few times I was undecided about a purchase and when I went back to the dealer it was gone. If you love it and feel it is a good price, buy it.

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