A Low Cost Kitchen Update Delivers A Stylish Transformation

A Low Cost Kitchen Update Delivers A Stylish Transformation


Pleasantville Kitchen

When planning to sell your home the last thing you may be considering is a renovation. We hear it all the time from sellers who think buyers will want to update the home themselves after they move in. But often times buyers will cross a property off their list if key rooms, such as the kitchen, aren’t updated.

Creative, low-cost updates can transform an outdated kitchen and can even make a room look larger when done right. Our team recently staged this Westchester, NY home and as part of any staging plan, low cost renovations that stretch the sellers budget are an important part of the process. Even modest updates ultimately bring tremendous value, boosting a home’s appeal and selling potential in a competitive housing market.

The home’s kitchen, pictured above, felt small and outdated but without a major renovation we made it look bigger and brighter and gave it a fresh, modern style design to appeal to younger buyers.


WHAT WE DID: By painting the dark cabinetry white and the walls a soft creamy yellow, we made this kitchen look bigger and brighter. The yellow formica countertops are also less prominent with the new color scheme. We also added simple brushed nickel handles to the cabinets, a neutral rug to play down the vinyl floor, and showcased the small table as a place to eat.

Pleasantville Kitchen After 1Pleasantville Kitchen After 2